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Coated by the best

Our metal roofs are not just built, they are crafted for a lifetime. We proudly partnered with Sherwin Williams who is renowned for providing the highest quality coatings in the industry. Our collaboration ensures that every Armadura™ Metal Roof panel is not only coated but fortified with the most resilient and enduring paint. This fusion of strength and excellence guarantees that your roof isn’t just a covering, but a lifetime investment in superior protection and style.

High Strength Steel

We’ve distilled our 50-plus years of metal mastery and expertise into a single, unwavering decision – to exclusively utilize high-strength steel. This deliberate choice enables us to craft a product that not only results in efficient installations but also maximizes pattern intricacy, creating an astonishingly authentic slate appearance. Our commitment to quality and experience ensures that every product is not just a functional necessity, but a masterpiece of design and durability.

Trims made by us

At the core of our philosophy is a simple truth – perfect harmony is achieved only when every piece is crafted by the same expert hands. That’s why we take immense pride in manufacturing all our trims in-house. This approach is not just a process; it’s a testament to our dedication. By overseeing every step, we ensure unmatched quality and seamless integration, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence in every detail.

Redefining the Limits of Roofing Longevity

We embraced the ultimate challenge by submitting our products to the rigorous and relentless environmental testing at Underwriters Laboratory in Chicago. The UL’s testing regimen is notorious for its intensity, aimed at pushing roofing panels to their breaking point within a specific timeframe. Yet, Armadura™ didn’t just endure – we exceeded the most stringent standards, redefining durability and quality. Witness this remarkable feat for yourself.

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