Your Home is the Most Important

​We believe that your home is your castle. A castle that protects your family, always! We believe that every family deserves a lifetime roof. This is why we created a permanent metal roofing solution. We believe that a system engineered with the installer in mind and for an easier installation means a longer lasting product with fewer after installation issues.​

Designed For You

Whether you have a young family, you are an empty nester or even part of bigger community, like a church or condominium, you deserve to have beautiful things. Armadura was designed to mimic the look of mountain slate

Metal Engineered For Your Life

A warranty that shows our strength. Non-prorated means that if the material fails under normal circumstances your roof will be cared for by us at full value for the full length of our warranty.

Engineered For Installers

Roofing is hard work. It is dangerous work. It is work that takes its toll on those that choose it as a career. We understand this and designed our system with the installers in mind. When the system is more intuitive and easy to install, it is better for everyone.

Natural & Vibrant

Crinkle Finish

Our four basic colours take advantage of Crinkle technology to next to eliminate the effects of a shiny metal roof. The micro fractures in the paint resin refract sunlight in all directions and that gets rid of glare.

Natural Looks

Our natural finishes allowed us to take photographs of real slate and drift wood for a photo realistic finish. We exaggerated the natural features so that you can still experience them from a distance.

Celebrating a Heritage

Some of the most beautiful and long lasting roofs in the world are made from real mountain slate. We spent over a year to get this one right. This coating takes advantage of four separate print rollers. Perfection!

Our special team

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Weather is Strange

It’s a fact. Weather patterns have been changing and becoming more unpredictable. You don’t want to have to worry every time a storm approaches. You want to not have to think about your roof at all.

When an Armadura Metal Roof is install properly, by an authorized installer, your roof will take care of you and your family.
​We engineered it that way. Get Your Roof now by clicking below.

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